Time Line

*Still working on Alien names
2065 - Earth's population reaches over 10 billion, causing massive resource shortages worldwide. The world leaders met to decide what could be done to end this problem. With much debate they decided to put away their differences and build a ship for other world exploration and colonization.
2075 - Magellion, the first and largest colony ship is completed, able to hold 120,000 people.
2076 - With the first successful creation of a "Hyper Drive" the ships can now travel millions of miles a day.
2080 - Three more colony ships are now complete, and with the world on the brink of extreme over population, the world's leaders begin preparing the ships for launch.
2081 - All together over 300,000 people board the 4 ships and launch into the unknown.
2087 - All contact is lost with earth aboard the 4 colony ships. A unanimous vote is made to proceed for the search for a habitable planet.
2089 - First contact with another life form is made in a voice message, "Gitnuck! Roshamuck!" All attempts to decipher the message fail.
2091 - Three years past the "point of no return" the ships begin to run out of food.
2092 - A earth like planet is discovered, science pods are sent out to investigate the surface. Two weeks later 10 unknown spacecraft attack the Four colony ships. The colony ships have no choice but to crash land into the planet and hope for survival.
(AC01)2093 - The surviving colonist begin adapting to the new planet, building houses outside of the ship. The soil grows earth seeds very well and food becomes bountiful.
(AC02)2094 - The colonist fail in all attempts to communicate with the humanoid aliens they have named Volcars, the aliens are weary of the humans.
(AC03)2095 - The hottest summer the colonist have experienced, the heat brings a new alien up to the surface, Firegens, a meat eating, heat based alien that feeds on everything. The Volcars make first real contact with the Humans and ask for an alliance against the Firegens. The first war of the new planet begins, it is know as the War of AC03 (Year 3 after crash). The humans and Volcars successfully hold the Firegens back till the end of summer where they go back into the earth and wait for the next hot season.
(AC04)2096 - The humans have made many successful encounters with the different alien species of the new planet. Many trade routes are established between the various human and alien cities.
(AC10)2102 - The human cities have grown and flourished. The new planet is rich in resources and factories have sprung up all over the outskirts of the major cities.
(AC20)2112 - Colonist have their first friendly encounters with intelligent lifeforms. A race of aliens named ___#1_____. The aliens come to the humans for help. The colonist learn that the ___#2_____ were the aliens that shot the colonists ships down. A extremely powerful alien race that control 90% of the universe. The colonist agree to help the ____#1____ fight the ____#2____ in exchange for technology.


  By 2065 earth's population reached over 10 billion people. It came quicker than anyone expected. No amount of wars or fertile control could slow the mass population boom that plagued the planet. Earth's most precious resources either had been depleted or were so scarce that only the richest of the richest could afford even the smallest amounts of them. Food was created in mass quantities using steroids and other stimulants to advance their growth. Vehicles had been through many alternative fuels but no matter what new resources were found to fuel them it usually was depleted with a few years. A change had to come. The leaders of the world in a last ditch effort to save humanity came together and formed a treaty organization. It was known as the SOGSAR(Society of Global scientists and Researchers). The rules behind this organization were that no country would solely benefit from SOGSAR's research and that all countries would as a whole would equally share in funding and findings of the society. SOGSAR was sentenced with the duty of finding a way to remedy the growing population and the shrinking resources on earth.

  After 1 year of researching and investigating the society released their report. They could not find a simple solution to save the world. Instead they suggested that 3 large ships be built in space above earth and be sent out in search for another habitable planet. At first this seemed ridiculous and the society was mocked but SOGSAR brought forth newly found unreleased information that proved the existence of other earth-like planets just beyond our galaxy and plans on creating an anti-matter engine that could send a ship through space at unheard of speeds. Planets that were light years away could be reached in years.
  After months of debating SOGSAR was given the go ahead on the building of 4 great ships. The 4th one was added by the administer of Defense as a "Protector". A war class ship in case of the possibility of other life forms. The first real hurdle the SOGSAR faced was funding. The money and resources it would take to build the ships were astronomical. A simple resolution was found in commercialization. SOGSAR sold space on the ships to large companies so that they could be the first factories and mining operations on the planet. After 9 long years and trillions of dollars the first ship was completed.
  It was named Magellion and was able to hold 120,000 people. In total it was more than 7 miles long and 1 mile high. A year later the anti-matter engine was completed and by 2080 the other 3 engines were ready to "set sail". They were named Oasis, Odysus, and the Jugernaught. In the next year over 300,000 "colonists" were loaded into 4 ships and all final preparations were made. The world by this time was at its final hour. Even with 300,000 leaving the planet no difference could be noticed. Nearly every available tree had been cut. The once considered threat of global warming became a joke for years ago the humans melted the ice caps purposely for water. The oceans had dropped so much that new ocean front property went on the market everyday. Without hesitation the ships launched sending 300,000 into the last frontier with the hopes of billions relying on a them. The first 5 years went without many problems. The ships made even better distance than once thought. In year 6 they came upon the first hope of a livable planet. It took a month to get the ships into place and a probe launched but it took only 3 minutes to test the samples and find out that the planets gravity was 20 times that of earth and would crush a human.
Seven years after leaving earth the ships finally reached the distance where they could no longer correspond with earth. After a unanimous vote they continued on. 5 more years went by before they found another planet that might be the salvation of the human race, but like the one before this planet could not hold human life. Poisonous gases filled the atmosphere. 1 year later in 2094 the colonists made the most important discovery of the 21st century. They picked up on a message floating through space of a deep garbled voice speaking in an unknown language. Whether it was intended for the colonists or for someone else the humans had no clue.
  For the next 10 years the colonist soared through space checking various planets for and signs of life but all were either to far from a star, or built of the wrong elements, or some other feature that made them unlivable. In 2096, 15 years after leaving earth some of the colonists on Magellion began a revolt. Led by Corbin Mesh, a former Captain of the British Army, the revolters ran through the ship destroying everything in site. They disagreed with the officers of the ship on the paths they were taking and how they were treating inhabitants of the ships. Like all positions of power, the current officers in control had widened the gap between a officer and a colonist. Colonists were last to eat and were moved from their larger bunk facilities to much smaller ones so that SOGSAR officers could have a larger living space.
 Eventually the revolt was brought under control and the revolters imprisoned but not until nearly 3/4's of the ships hydroponics labs and food supplies were destroyed.

 Another year later in 2105 the ships pass their point of no return. With the quickly depleting food supplies and not enough suitable hydroponics to renew it, it soon became obvious they could not make a trip back to earth without finding a planet suitable to grow more food.
 It was in the year 2112 that the colonists finally began to receive a glimpse of hope. A planet, somewhat smaller than earth but with many of its features was discovered. Pods were immediately deployed and within a week they had the answer they were looking for. The planet was in most aspects exactly like earth.

 According to the probes, the new planet was everything the colonists had hoped for. An almost exact match to that of earths. Within hours of the probe's returned info, the colonists had prepared exploration vessels for deployment to the surface. Those first vessels might have reached the planets surface if the celebrating colonists had watched their radars. Instead they had to watch the exploration vessels destroyed mid space.
 A group of one hundred or more unknown ships flew in from no where and shot down the vessels before anyone had a chance to react. The unknown ships were small, single pilot triangular ships. They were quick, beyond anything the colonist's had ever seen. Now that the exploration vessels were destroyed the alien ships turned towards the large colony ships.
 Within minutes fighters from the jugernaught were launched to ward off the attack. In even less time they were destroyed by the extremely agile and powerful enemy ships. The colonist's were no match for this unknown attacker. Most of the alien ships concentrated on the Jugernaught, destroying its guns and defenses within mere minutes. It was almost as if the aliens knew all the weaknesses of each colonist ship. After only 15 minutes of battle Odyssus was blown completely in two and soon drifted towards the planet.
 With the horror of watching the fragments of the Odyssus enter the planets atmosphere and crash towards the planets surface, an abandon ship call was given on the remaining ships. As the remaining colonist ship's defenses and engines were destroyed several hundred escape pods were released and shot towards the planet. Thousands of humans watched out of their pods windows the destruction of their homes of more than 20 years. While thousands of colonists raced towards the planet's surface, thousands more were still stuck on the large ships. Many were fighting over the last remaining escape pods while even more were either dead or too injured to make it to a pod. Oasis's engines had been completed destroyed and it to now floated towards the planets surface casting a bright metallic glow on all the fleeing escape pods as it entered the atmosphere.

 By this time the Jugernaught was reduced to nothing more than a shell of a ship. The alien ships were like piranhas on a dead carcass, leaving nothing left but mangled parts and pieces. The captain of the last ship, left in one piece, Magellion, had no choice but attempt to save his ship by crash landing it on the planets surface.
  With one last burst from the engines he thrust it towards the planets surface. With a fiery blast it slammed into the atmosphere and plummeted towards an unknown fate. The captain hoped to land the ship belly first with a slide to minimize the damage. Colonists on board screamed as they watched out the large windows the mountainous terrain flying towards them. With a crash hard enough to feel from hundreds of miles away the ship smashed into the planet's surface, sliding for three miles before coming to a final stop.

 When the dust of the newly found planet finally settled it was a scene that no words could completely describe. Magellion, the largest and most intact ship of the colonists had landed amidst a large plain of rolling hills. The bottom quarter of the ship had been buried underground with the hard impact. Many thousands of the colonists survived the horrific crash.

 Oasis with engines destroyed crashed nose first into a swamp nearly 50 miles south from Magellion's crash site. Nearly half of the ship was drove underground while the back half rose out of the ground vertical like a large tower!

 The two halves of Odyssus that fell towards the planet crashed in a mountain range 70 miles west of the Magellion. The back half landed in a group of tall mountains while the front half landed in the foothills a few miles below it.

 The Jugernaught on the other hand was nearly completely destroyed and it is said that parts from it reigned down on the land for weeks after the crash.
 At first the colonists of the crashed ships had no contact with each other and many of the survivors from the escape pods eventually found their way to one of the crashed ships. The humans stayed hidden in the ships for the first few days in fear of the attacking aliens following them to the planet's surface. Soon the dead bodies of those that didn�t survive the ship began to rot and stink. This brought unwanted carnivores.
  The colonists of Magellion began pulling all of the dead out of the ships and burying them. The amount of dead began to rise so high in numbers that they started digging huge pits and mass burying them.
 The colonists began seeing large wolf like creatures and other various scavengers around the pits. Every now and then one would attack a lone colonist or a pack of them would attack a small group of humans. This is when the first order of Magellion City guard was formed. A group of volunteers vowed to watch the area around the ship to protect the workers and builders.
 Shortly after the bodies were all disposed of in the Magellion crash site a building plan began to take place. The colonists began to salvage pieces and parts of the crash that surround the ship and began to build shelters and food storage. Within a few months farms and food labs were built.
 Oasis did not get as lucky as magellion. While many survived the crash one hundred times as many died. The bodies were too many to try to bury but fortunate for them the swamp did all the work. Within a few days the bodies began to sink into the swamp. The colonists did not care how or why this was happening, but that it was saving them from having to bury or burn all the bodies themselves. This proved to be a mistake.
 Decades later scientists learned that some chemicals from this new planet mixed with chemicals from earth can cause extraordinary and sometimes devastating effect. This was the first instance of this knowledge. From what scientists could gather, oil that lubricated the engines of Oasis mixed with chemicals in the waters of the swamp and created an effect like no other. The dead colonist that the swamp had swallowed only days before began to come to life. The animated dead began to dig their way back to the surface. There was no amount of warning that could have prepared the surviving colonists for the fear and shock they received when their own dead loved ones began to rise from the ground and attack them!
 Thousands upon thousands of animated dead attacked the survivors pushing them to barricade themselves inside the ship. For many weeks they stayed there living off what little food they could find trying to find someway of fighting off the dead. Soon famine struck the ship and colonists began to die. Instead of letting those dead turn to animated dead they decided to burn the bodies and throw them out of the ship.
 Often the dead would rush a newly thrown out burning body and attempt to eat it. While the fire stopped their progress it showed they were not afraid of fire. It wasn�t till weeks later when it began to rain that a solution was finally found.
 The colonists knew they could not send out a burning body in the rain with out some kind of fuel to accelerate it. The colonist�s poured kerosene that was used to fuel the generators all over the bodies lit them on fire and threw them out. As soon as the first body hit the ground the animated dead spread. Many ran off in agonizing screams. Others fell to the ground tearing at their own skin like something was burning it. The colonists finally had their weapon against these relentless undead. Within the next few days the colonists had bathed their cloths and weapons in kerosene and began to run the undead off. Within a few more weeks they had built a trough of it that circled the area of the ship and within a month were well on their way to growing farms and building houses.
 To the south of Magellion city lies the scattered fragments of the Odessus, the third ship to fall to alien attack. By the time the ship reached the planet's atmosphere it had already broken into four pieces.
 As it crash landed into the planet's surface, each piece(still the size of a small town) landed in a different location, no more than 20 miles from the other. Now named Crocania, the largest section of the ship is surrounded by rolling hills and vast lakes.
 The city is run by a group of "elders", originally formed after the crash to regulate supplies. Them and other officials reside in the section of the ship while the rest of the city extends outward in a circular wave of shops, inns, and houses. Bornilia, the tail end of the ship, crashed higher into the mountains that reside above Crocania. Landing between a plateau and another high rising mountain peek, Bornilia became the perfect spot for a mining haven. Miners looking for gold, steel, and other precious metals flock to the plateau.
 The ship itself was turned into a large forge, apart from the front half, which is not only the largest tavern out of all the cities, but makes some of the best ale!
 Just North of Crocania lies the 3rd fragment of Odessus. On a vast plain of hardened dirt, it lies upside down in a mass of adobe style houses. Which make up the city of New Pueblo. These houses made from the mud, in which they rest on, spread outward around the broken fragment of the ship. The ship itself is used to store the goods of the city. The 5 leaders of the city "rent" out the rooms of the ship so the farmers and merchants can protect their crops from dust storms and dry heat.
 The back section of the ship has been turned into a large inn for travelers, due to the dangers of traveling the Korella plains. These plains stretch from the base of the Vesslar mountains in the south to the Dorbin grass fields in the north.
 Random dust storms, also know as the Korella dust devils, rise from nowhere and sweep the plains on a regular basis. To get stuck in one of these storms without the proper protection can mean death to a inexperienced traveler.

 The terrains of the new found planet are similar to earth's. Magellion city, the largest gathering of colonist, is located on a vast rolling plain. The warm days and cool nights make a very comfortable place. It's beyond the guards and city doors where the real danger of the plains dwell.
 Stretching for miles outside the city gates are farms and small villages. Safe in the day, but as night falls, an alien version of the earth's animals come to hunt. The creatures are all in development so check back for the creature section.
 The forests surrounding Magellion city are even more dangerous. Everything from earth type wolves to man eating plants make up the dark surrounding forests.
 Just north of New Pueblo is the 4th and last fragment of Odessus. Around it was built the city of Mia Sans. With grass plains on one side and the great Korella dirt plains on the other, Mia Sans makes a perfect last stop for travelers heading into either direction. Scarce on trees or decent mud to build houses, the original settlers used fragments of the ship to build the city.
 The ship itself was stripped of all usable material and left as nothing more than a steel framed hull. It has been know to keep the surrounding savage tribes at bay for its likeness of a giant skeleton of a long dead gargantuan creature.

  This is where the game begins. You are a colonists rebuilding a society. The new planet holds many new treasures and many new adventures. You can become a Merchant and make your fortune off of capitalism or even become a adventure and find glory in exploration and battles.

The night of the crash(Diary excerpt)

 "As we plummeted helplessly towards our doom my ears were filled with horrific screams of my fellow colonist. The sounds of cannon blasts and missiles tearing metal had ended as our ship rocketed towards the once revered "Savior of our species" planet. The attackers must of wanted to watch us die slowly, I thought.
  Blood curdling screams broke out as the ship entered the planet's atmosphere in a fiery blaze. Eminent death was upon us all. It's funny but I always heard that your life flashes before your eyes when you are about to die, but all I could see were the agonized faces of fellow inhabitants of this flaming death trap that we were all stuck in. Women held their children, the few men that survived the battle of the attacking aliens were now here in the center of the ship holding their families, waiting for the impact.
 There was close to ten thousand of us here in the mess hall. The ship was over 7 miles long, 2 miles high, and 2 miles wide, so there were still unknown numbers of people scattered throughout the ship. I watched many get sucked into space as holes were blown in the sides of the ship. Many others were burnt alive from the mass fires ravaging the corridors.
  As I lay clinging to a steel beam that ran from floor to ceiling in the center of the mess hall, I couldn't stop questioning why those alien bastards attacked only our engines and escape pods. The rest of the ship was untouched save for the occasional life support facility. How could they target it from another ship? How would they know what it was? My thoughts were soon cut off. The ship's remaining thrusters could be heard, the captain must be making a last effort to slow the ship down enough to soften our impact.
  "Well at least those bastards didn't blow our engines completely up." I said, But my voice was shadowed by the cries and screams of thousands of colonist falling to their doom. Through the sky dome of the mess hall the new planet could be seen. Oh was it beautiful! Greens fields, blue lakes, massive forests. For a second it was almost a calming silence as the sun shined through the sky dome's windows lighting up a scenery that looked like the old pictures my father use to show me of earth before those bastards ruined it with greed. The colonists seem to all see the magnificent beauty of this brilliant new world at once. It was a silent serenity that was all too short, for the screams and cries for help started again."